Veterans Recognition Held in Longview

With memorial day a little more than a week away, a special program in Longview today was designed to recognize all east Texans who have taken the uniform of the armed forces and worn it proudly. This afternoon at the Longview public library, active and former members of all 4 military branches came together for a special flag dedication ceremony.

The event featured a military gun salute, and a fly-over by two vintage world war two fighters from the flight of the phoenix museum of Gilmer. Flags from all four branches were presented to the library to be on public display, and for many it was a fitting way to honor all veterans.

"At times of peace its a whole lot easier to forget about those who have served in the past so you know its kind of sad at times but it takes something like this in order to recognize those who have served before us sometimes," said current Marine corps sergeant Diego Olivarez.

"You put that uniform on and you start talking.  Its a fraternity. I can remember back in 1968 when I was forbidden to wear my uniform in downtown Washington.  I hope that never happens again," said retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Richard Furman.

Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4002 served on the Gun Salute Honor Guard team.

Bob Hallmark reporting.