Area Business Supports Troops

One area business is hoping to make things a little easier for soldiers stationed in Iraq.

The Tyler gift shop "Rainbow Faith" held a support our troops day Saturday. From games and toys to toothpaste and food, the store encouraged folks to donate items to send to Iraq. The store will then pay to pack everything up and ship it overseas.

The idea came from the store owner's son-in-law who said other soldiers were in need of some of the items they had been sending over to him. Owner Ferna Mills said the gifts carry with them a deeper meaning.

"I know it's going to mean encouragement to them what I'm hoping is that it means to the community that we're willing to support these guys whether or not we agree or disagree with the reason they are there that until these guys can come home that we're still proud of them."

Mills said she has about 600 troops on her list. She said she wants to continue sending gift boxes until all of the soldiers are home.

Chris Gibson, reporting