Vice President's East Texas Visit Protested

Not everyone in Gregg County was excited, or even happy, with the Vice President Dick Cheney's visit.  Some saw it as an opportunity to protest. A group of about 30 vocal protestors from the Longview based group, Democrats United, lined the street in front of the entrance to Maude Cobb activity center.

They protested everything from the administration's involvement in Iraq, to gas prices, to medicare policy. Local law enforcement and the secret service kept a close eye on the protest to make sure no laws were broken, and that the protest was kept peaceful. For those involved, it was a chance to vent some anger they have with the Bush administration.

"Personally, I disagree on this war if someone could prove to me that this war was right, I wouldn't disagree, no one's been able to prove that so far and I doubt they ever will," said protestor David Trigiano.

"When we rose up and spoke up against another war that was equally wrong that we got into for false reasons just like we did before, I would only hope that Americans would come out and speak out against this," said protestor Durren Anderson.

The vice president was also greeted in Houston this morning, with protesters. About a dozen of them held up signs demanding he resign.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.