Civil War Veteran Honored

He was the first black Texan to receive "The Congressional Medal of Honor" for fighting in the Civil War, now his legacy will forever be remembered.

Sergeant Major Milton M. Holland was born in Carthage in 1844 and fought for the North in the Civil War. Friday, hundreds of folks, including some decedents, gathered at the Panola County Veterans Memorial to dedicate a plaque to the soldier.

While Holland received the "Medal of Honor" in 1865, his legacy went largely unnoticed until 12 years ago. That's when a group of students from Gary High School stumbled across his story while on a school trip. They helped to tell the soldiers story, and bring the honor back to his hometown.

Devola Reagins, Holland's great, great nephew, said it's an honor to have the memorial.

"I've heard this story over family reunions it had been coming up but it never went this far before," Reagins said. "It makes me feel real good because it's something well deserved and it's long time coming."

The plaque was donated by the Panola County Historical and Genealogical Association. Holland is one of just 3,400 men and women to receive the prestigious award.

Chris Gibson, reporting