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Catch the evidence in a crime by using a phone application


It's a new smart-phone application designed to help prevent crimes from happening, keep them from escalating, and also help authorities catch the criminal.

Gregg Heuss the CEO of I-Witness says this new phone application brings us one step closer to safety.

"If we could live the entire life span of this company, without ever having anyone call 911 than that would be a great thing. We would know the product is working in a sense it's truly a deterrent in what they are doing," said Heuss. 

The application has an alarm, video and audio recording, and an easy touch tab to call 911 if you ever feel threatened.

"We are training and coaching our users click on the application that whenever you go outside, or your going alone or it's dark or anywhere you are--just click open that application, it's one tap and the app is ready to go," explained Heuss.

Once you hit record, the audio and video is being automatically stored to an off-site server, where the criminal can not delete it. So even if he takes your phone, or you drop it, 911 is automatically called.

Smith County Constable Andy Dunklin says the most valuable part of the application is the video.

"Maybe the victim's captured a vehicle that a perpetrator got out of. That video is invaluable to us," said Dunklin. 

If you do capture a crime in action, Heuss says you will be contacted by I-Witness through email about sharing your video.

"It's to the user's choosing if you want to submit the video to police or to your authorities or attorney. They would be in touch with us and we would give them access to the secure server that we have," said Heuss. 

Dunklin and Heuss agree it's important for people to know, I-Witness can't necessarily prevent a crime, but it just may help.

The application has been available for about a week on the I-phone. It's coming soon for the Android and Windows.

It costs $3.99 a month or $29.99 annually. I-Witness says 60% of their clients so far, are males--who say they bought the application for their daughters, wives, or girlfriends to have on their phone.

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