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Bill's Bookshelf: A book lover's legacy


He was an East Texas professor, author and book lover. The Literacy Council of Tyler is honoring his legacy by providing new and gently used books for free to the Tyler community.

Bill's Bookshelf is a community program that allows children to take used books home with them. The bookshelves are at three locations in Tyler; Bethesda Clinic, St. Paul's Children's Clinic and the WIC on North Broadway.

"We though this would be a great way to take books circulating in the community or that kids had out grown or no longer needed and get them back in the hands of kids that really do need them," Literacy Council communications coordinator, Hallye Terrell, said.

The bookshelf is in honor of 15 year LCOT volunteer Bill Holmes, who recently passed away at the age of 80.

Holmes wife, Mary Ellen Holmes, said the Literacy council meant everything to Holmes.

"It was his life," Holmes said. "It was important to him because he believed people need to be able to function in a literate world and he wanted to help them, so they could."

Bill Holmes volunteered for more than 50,000 hours and was a large donor during his time there. Mary Ellen Holmes said the bookshelf is a perfect way to honor him.

"It's like a pebble in a pound; it just keeps growing. His legacy can live on," Homles said.

Terrell said the LCOT is always looking for people to donate books and volunteer. They're hoping to expand Bill's Bookshelf to other locations.

"People can adopt a bookshelf and make sure it's all stocked," Terrell said. "It's a lot of fun and anyone can get involved with it. If anyone has books they would like to donate, they can bring them to the literacy council and they will end up on bills bookshelf."

To learn more about the Literacy Council and their work in Tyler, click here

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