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Doctors encourage precautions to help children avoid summer sickness

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Time in the pool, out on the lake, sports at the park all signs that summer has arrived.

"Everyone is out having fun and that's where they get in trouble," said Dr. Jeff Glass, Pediatrician.

Pediatrician Jeff Glass says parents need to be proactive because their children's favorite activities could lead to visit to the doctor.

"Swimmer's ear, during the summer we see a lot of kids with heat related illnesses and other injuries for being outside," said Glass.

Andy Stewart takes his son Malcolm to the pool often during the summer; he says regular activity goes a long way in keeping his seven-year-old in good health.

"Trying to eat right, get plenty of exercise that the main reason we bring him out. Its good activity for him gets him outside and burns off some energy which he's got plenty of," said Stewart.

But too much time in the pool could lead to an ear infection.

"A 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and vinegar and mixing those two things together and squirting out the ears after the kids swim," said Glass.

The water isn't the only place kids can run into infections.

"Kids scrap their knees or get mosquito bites and scratch them open so they get a skin infection like staff," said Glass.    

Doctors suggest applying antibiotic ointment on the wound and covering it with a clean bandage.

But before you send your kids out, don't forget sunscreen.

"If you're out on the lake, the beach and its cloudy don't think you can't get sunburned," said Glass.

When you're out in the Texas heat, staying hydrated is vital.

"The most important thing and the best thing is just get lots of water," said Glass.

If your kids are properly prepared, sickness won't keep them from enjoying this summer.

"Kids got to get outside that is where you're supposed to be during the summer," said Glass.

Doctors say good hand washing can go a long way in preventing illness year round.

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