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Peeping Tom caught on deer camera

Randy Thigpen. (Source: WBRSO) Randy Thigpen. (Source: WBRSO)

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - The West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office arrested a man Friday who is accused of trying to sneak a peek at a woman getting dressed in Port Allen.

The accused peeping Tom was caught on camera, a deer camera, set up by the victim's neighbor.

The neighbor had a motion detector set up in his driveway, when he heard the alarm go off, he looked at his camera. That is when he saw the man, now identified by police as Randy Thigpen, on all fours looking in a window at his neighbor's wife.

The neighbor called the Sheriff's office and deputies caught him in the act. Thigpen's bond has been set at $5,000. He will have to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet when he is released from jail.

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