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'Make It and Sail it' was a boatload of fun for a good cause


The Longview Yacht Club is home to a truly unique boat race.

Members invited us as special guests to see an aquatic event that benefits The Windridge Therapeutic Equestrian Center, which serves children and adults with special needs.

That's why so many came together this week to throw caution to the wind to raise money for it.

"The start line will hopefully be high enough that your boat doesn't get tangled up in it. After that, the rest is up to you," said one participant.

It's the type of boating event where, it seems, no one is keeping expectations too high; not even the boaters, and they should know what to expect out of the boats they built themselves.

Jake Seale and his son Jackson spent about ten hours constructing their vessel.  They said they did lots of driving back and forth to the store, but are hoping to get at least twenty minutes of float time out of their boat.

Second-timer Bruce Dewkett told us about how he fared in the event last year. "I didn't sink, so I did well," he said.

This year was a little different. Everyone brought their "A game" and no one sank or capsized during the race.

Pete Patullo sailed in a boat that was originally named "Are You Scared Yet?" but he later changed it to "Supremacy." For him, it was smooth sailing for awhile.

"At least I wrecked at the end. I took first then waiting at the finish line, my boat came apart and I went for a swim," he said.

As for Jackson, he didn't come in first but he did take home a trophy.

"I'm going to ask Dawn to give the 'most likely to sink' to Jackson."

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