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East Texan goes for Daytime Emmy gold!

Jennifer Kidd Jennifer Kidd

Saturday June 23 is a big date for daytime television. That's when envelopes are peeled open and the Daytime Emmy winners are announced. This year there will be East Texans in the audience, and a taste of East Texas in the swag bags.

Jennifer Kidd's cake-pops are so good, their reputation has made it all the way to Hollywood.

Who doesn't like a cup cake? No one I can think of, but they are kind of crumbly and messy. Well, Jennifer Kidd has solved that little dilemma, and solved it so well her solution has landed right into the Daytime Emmy swag bag (which is a gift basket with a Hollywood name).

Jennifer has partnered with Jeannie Weaver of Southern Girl Pies because Jennifer just couldn't stand the heat in her home kitchen. And it came just in time because she got an Emmy-mail she had a hard time believing.

"I've been posting these on Facebook, and Pinterest, and I got an email from a researcher for the Daytime Emmy Awards. They invited me to include my cake-pops in this year's gift bags. So I had to re-read the whole email about five times. I thought it was a scam, but sure enough it was real," Jennifer said.

It was a tall order. They needed well over a thousand pops, but fortunately there was a second option: coupons. Each recipient can order six cake-pops.

"Yes, a little six-pack," Jennifer laughed.

They will, however, be taking samples.

"We're planning on taking around 200 just to kind of pass out to some of the producers and people there in L.A.," Jennifer stated.

It's not a half-baked idea appeasing the producer's sweet tooth; the crews will be right behind.

Jennifer's product has popped into a plethora of parties around these parts, and thanks to that instantaneous internet, it looks like the party is just warming up.

The 39th annual Daytime Emmy awards will air Saturday, June 23, on HLN at 8 o'clock.

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