Runner Overcomes Obstacles

Michael Wall is a runner. Michael Wall runs, and runs and runs, sometimes as much as 200 miles in a single week. Michael Wall is a runner today, but five years ago it looked like he might never run again.

"I was caught in an explosion and injured while rescuing some soldiers in the Navy, doing what I did for the Navy, as an active duty Corpsman," said Wall, "and I got injured and I also came down with bone cancer and I had extensive surgeries to my legs, broke my legs, lost some toes, lost a finger. Doctors said you'd be lucky to walk normally. I'm pretty sure your military career is probably going to be over with. I know you love to run and stuff, but just be happy if you can walk without a limp."

Months of training later, Michael was running again. Even with his femur removed and a rod in his leg, he was still covering 10 miles a day. And then, he started going for the real distances; up to 30 miles a day in training.

"I was reading an article in Runner's World about the runners high, or there's no such thing, or it's whatever," said Wall. "I'm like, if that's true, if there's no such thing, then why do I run like I do?"

For Michael Wall, the point of the journey is not to arrive, it's just to run.

Reid Kerr reporting.