30 Animals Removed From Kilgore Residence

SPCA workers took the final step this morning, removing 31 animals from dreadful conditions at a Gregg County home. Around a half-dozen SPCA workers converged on a home on Goforth road knowing that they were going to rescue animals. In a familiar scene to them, an elderly person seeks the companionship of pets, without the ability to care for them.

"They're amassing all these animals and they've lost touch with reality and the care of these animals and accustomed themselves and surrounded themselves with this unconditional love," said SPCA officer David Garcia. The smell of animal waste was almost overwhelming. Many of the 31 animals, including 12 dogs, 15 cats, and four birds didn't have clean food or water, many kept in tiny cages caked with their own waste.

"It's the way they're being housed, we have dogs in cages that are so small they can't stand up, we have cats in cages so small they're having to sleep in their own feces" said Garcia. The elderly woman who lives in the Kilgore home, was living by very meager means.  Although some neighbors admired her for taking in strays, the noise was a concern.

"It was just noisy at times, quiet sometimes but mostly noisy we heard the animals barking a lot, making a lot of noise out there," said a neighbor. No charges are expected to be filed against the homeowner, and she was not present today for the animals' removal.

A hearing tomorrow in Gladwater will determine final custody of the animals. If the animals are awarded to the SPCA, they will be medically evaluated, and some could be available for adoption as early as next week.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.