Vice President Forces Longview's Bull Bash To Change Plans

The annual Bull Bash in Longview has been one year in the making. But Vice President Dick Chaney is also headed to Longview this Friday to speak at a fund-raiser for Louie Gohmert. Just days before the rodeo the secret service is bucking a few of the plans.

It's the event rodeo lovers look forward to every year in Longview.

"You're going to see the best bulls in the world. You got the 2002 PRCA stock contractor of the year Sammy Andrews, and also the 5 time PRCA stock contractor of the year Terry Williams," says professional bull rider Clayton Williams.

Mary Ramos has planned the bull bash for the past year but with Vice President Dick Cheney also coming to town this Friday, the plans just changed.

"I got a call yesterday from the Secret Service that's handling the security for the Vice President when he comes," says Mary.

So what does the Bull Bash have to do with the Vice President? While the rodeo is going on at the rodeo arena just yards away Dick Cheney will be speaking at Maude Cobb.

"They've asked us if we will make some accommodations for them so that they can make sure that his safety is secure during that time," says Mary.

The Secret Service has asked for two changes in the Bull Bash the first concerns the route into the arena.

"We will reroute our traffic just for that day only. We'll reroute the traffic that we have coming to attend the Bull Bash to take Lake Lamond off of highway 80 or Jaycee drive off of highway 31," says Mary.

The biggest kink in the plans concerns the Gladewater Skydive team scheduled to dive in for the opening ceremony.

"That was a really great plan but while Vice President Dick Cheney is here this is a no fly zone," says Mary.

The skydivers will have to wait until 8 o'clock when the Vice President leaves Longview. Mary says she understands why the changes had to be made and hopes the fanfare will only improve their attendance.

The Bull Bash gets started at 8 p.m. Friday night at the Longview Rodeo Arena. Remember to enter through the entrances off Jaycee drive or Lake Lamond. The main entrance will be closed off.

Tickets at the gate are $12 for adults and $8 for kids. Children 6 and under get in free.

Amy Tatum reporting.