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Mother sacrifices daughter's voice to save her life


One East Texas mother was forced to make a decision that would be difficult for any parent. 

Three-year-old Emily Thomas desperately needed a surgery to help her breathe, but it would take away her voice forever. 

On Tuesday, her mother went forward with the surgery that came with several complications. 

After days of worry, Emily is now breathing on her own. Emily's mother, Amber Thomas, shares their difficult journey. 

Emily's laughter is a sound her mother will never hear again.

"It's the best sound, it really is," Amber said. 

Amber soaked up every last minute of her daughter's laughter before the surgery that silenced her forever.

At just ten days old, a stroke left Emily legally blind, brain damaged and with cerebral palsy.

"It makes all of the muscles and tissues through the airways weak, so if she gets the slightest cold, it can just weaken her badly," Amber said.

A common cold almost suffocated Emily forcing her mother to make a difficult decision. 

A permanent tracheotomy, a hole in Emily's neck; it has given her the ability to breathe, but robbed her of her voice.

After Tuesday's surgery, Emily was listed in critical condition and her prognosis unsure. 

But now, Emily is breathing and she is doing it all on her own. 

The sound her mother cherished most is now gone, but it is a sacrifice that saved little Emily's life.

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