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6/14 East Texas restaurant report

In Longview, one restaurant was singled out for serious violations under inspection.

El Pollo Chacuchon at 1626 South Green Street had 11 critical violations.

Salsas were held out of temperature, food was left on a prep table, and meat was stored over clean dishes. A freezer containing raw chicken was unplugged and toxic items were found stored over foods. Total demerits : 41

In Tyler, Breakers at 5106 Old Bullard Road

Several clean plastic and metal containers had sticker residue. Raw shrimp was observed above vegetables. Fly bait was found under the dish machine. Total demerits: 22

Wasabi Sushi Bar and Asian Bistro at 5617 Donnybrook.

Waitstaff were observed eating at the wait station area. Employees were improperly handling lemon slices without a proper hand barrier. The fountain drinks dispenser was moldy, and old sticker residue was found on clean plastic containers. Total demerits: 24

Mazzio's at 2605 East Fifth Street.

Accumulated debris observed on can opener and can holder. Moldy ice machine, and a dirty ice tea dispenser nozzle were found. Leftover lunch meats inside a cooler had missing date marks, and some food had to be discarded. Total demerits: 22

Royal Donuts at 1628 North Northwest Loop 323.

Children were found sleeping in the kitchen area on a mattress by the sink. A dead mouse was also found by the mop sink storage area. Total demerits: 20

Donut Palace at 7001 North Highway 271.

No proper time marks were on breakfast burritos, colaches and croissant sandwiches. No certified food manager was on site. Total demerits: 15

Wendy's at 3920 South Southwest Loop 323.

Several foods were noted for being stored either too warm or too cold. Employees were seen handling burger buns with no hand barrier. There was also accumulated grease behind the deep fryer areas. Total demerits: 20

In Flint, UNK's Shrimp Shack at 16760 County Road 1261.

Employees handled french fries and cook shrimp with their bare hands. Food was not labeled correctly, and there was no discard date on containers. Total demerits: 22

In Lindale, Eastern Buffet at 3222 South Main.

Medications were found in a refrigerator, and employees had drink cups around the kitchen. Dead roaches were found in kitchen and live ones were found in a dry storage room. Food items in salad bar were held too warm. Total demerits: 25

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