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Better East Texas: Un-American Principal

By Pat Stacey

I saw the story earlier about an elementary school principal in Brooklyn, New York who cancelled the planned singing of Lee Greenwood's popular patriotic song – God Bless The USA.  The ceremony was the moving up or graduation for a bunch of kindergartners who had been learning the song to perform at the ceremony.  The principal made the decision to cancel the singing because she did not want to offend other cultures.  You know, if you continually add water to milk, it soon ceases to be milk and it becomes gray water.  That is the exact same process that is happening in many cities and schools across our land.  We continue to allow the fear of being offensive diminish our country's backbone and in many places, that backbone is gone.  Views and actions by people in decision making positions like this principal in Brooklyn are just as dangerous and damaging as mass protests or anti-American actions across the world.  We have allowed this numbing and dumbing down of patriotism for the sake of being non-offensive and the tide will be hard to turn but it most certainly starts with our children.  My kids occasionally ask about why they need to learn history and it is harshly evident when you hear of attitudes like that of the principal in Brooklyn, that we need to learn and remember all the history we can take in and then be unafraid and unapologetic to discuss it and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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