Close Relationships Drive Lindale's Ball Teams

Randi Warren has a lot to be excited about. Her Lady Eagles team is two wins away from a state softball berth. She's also excited about Lindale's baseball team, which is in the regional quarterfinals. That's because her boyfriend R.J. Brey is on the team. The funny thing is, as couples go, they are not alone. Randi's teammate Halie Boyette just happens to be dating Eagles catcher Scott Ryne Wilkins. Oh, and Randi and Halie's teammate Blair Camp just happens to be dating R.J. and Sott's teammate David Chilek.

"As long as they're getting along it's easy practice, easy game," said Lindale softball coach Michelle Smith.

"I think when we get in a fight it's pretty obvious because all the guys are like, oh it's ok, you don't need her anyway and then the girls are like, oh, you can do so much better," joked Warren.  "Then it progressively, it's OK, and obviously we just keep winning."

And that's the key.  Both programs have developed quite a winning tradition, and are very supportive of each other.

"Whenever we have a chance, we always go to their games and whenever they have a chance they go to our games," said Chilek.

"It helped generate a lot of noise, I guarantee that much," said Lindale Baseball coach Robbie Surratt.

They'll need each other's support if they both hope to reach their goals of making the state tournament. 1

"If they keep playing as well as they've been playing, we'll be fine," said Surratt.

Kevin Berns reporting.