Liquid Lense: "Does It Work?"

It's one of the most requested products we've ever had for our "Does It Work?" series. This week, we're looking to save you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs for those eyeglasses that have suffered a nasty scratch or two, or three. The product is called Liquid Lense. It's heavily advertised, and makes some incredible claims. And this week, those claims meet the "Does It Work?" test.

The makers of Liquid Lense say their product makes most lens scratches virtually undetectable. Arthur, a KLTV 7 photographer loaned us his glasses, which were heavily scratched. We followed the directions, first cleaning the lenses with the Liquid Lense Micro-Cleanser and then rinsing and drying. Next, just take the Liquid Lense part 2 solution and paint it over the entire lens. Just like on TV, apply even strokes, left to right on each lens, slightly overlapping your strokes. That's about it. Just lay them face up to dry. The makers say that allows the liquid to level out and flow evenly into the scratches and over the surface of the lens. It will take about 30 minutes to dry.

While it dried, we tried Liquid Lense on a variety of old glasses-- bi-focals, sunglasses, a vast array. Just like on the commercial, we scratched them up with sandpaper and followed the directions described above. Clean, rinse, paint on the filler and let dry.

Soon, the 30 minutes was up and it was time to check Arthur's glasses.

"Can't tell a difference," said Arthur.

He wasn't kidding. Not even the tiniest scratches showed any improvement. Arthur said thanks for the cleaning, but as for the product's claims of removing scratches... Does It Work? "I would have to say, no," said Arthur.

And it didn't work on any of the other glasses, either.

We give the Liquid Lense, a "no."

We purchased Liquid Lense online for $19.99.

Joe Terrell, reporting.