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05/24: Spoiled food, bugs among finds by health inspectors

Dirty work spaces and toxic items near food are just some of the violations found when health inspectors made their latest rounds.

in Longview, two restaurants were singled out for the most serious violation in the latest inspection period, including:

Golden Flake Bakery at 894 Pine Tree Road

Pigs in blankets were not dated and have to be discarded. Toxic cleaners were stored next to stored foods. Utensils were not sanitized and there were dirty prep tables.

Total demerits: 20

The Summit Club at 210 East Methvin
22 pounds of spoiled chicken was found (Danger)
Undated tuna and watermelon was found (Danger)
Plastic storage tubs were found duct taped
Employees observed not washing hands  (Unclean)

Total demerits: 15

In Tyler,
El Zarape, 319 North Beckham Ave.  
Foods were kept in wrong temperatures (temperature)
Employees were not adequately washing their hands (Unclean)
Toxic items were not properly labeled, stored or used (Danger)
Total demerits: 41

Texas Donuts at 1627 South Vine
Two trays of cooked kolaches were missing proper time marks of when they were cooked (Danger)
Inspectors found accumulated food debris in cappuccino machine, on food containers (Unclean)
Mold was observed on food container lids (Unclean)
Total demerits: 20

Panaderia Nuevo Leon Bakery at 323 North Beckham,  
Raw shell eggs stored above cream and juice (Danger)
Several flies observed throughout the bakery and the food prep area (Insects)
Total demerits: 15

Joseph's Catering at 1721 South Broadway
Inspectors found a rodent or other animal in the prep area (Rodent)
Employees not properly washing their hands (Unclean)
Total demerits: 15

In Flint, Donut Palace at 18743 FM 2493  
Employee left apron hanging on the trash can (Unclean)
Aprons had to be thoroughly sanitized (Unclean)
Employees had personal items on food prep table, and food was not discarded properly after four hours of being made (Danger)
Total demerits: 29

In Bullard, Subway at 151 North Highway 69  
Dead insects were found in the back of the facility near the mop sink, under the table areas (Insects)
Restaurant was missing someone with a basic food safety certification.
Total demerits: 20

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