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Amazing! Spiderman is from Tyler!

The Amazing Spiderman is from East Texas. As a matter of fact, he was raised in Tyler.

Well, yes, Spiderman is a fictional character, and no , he's not Andrew Garfield, the actor who is playing Spidey in the new movie, but the guy who does the hard work. Garfield's stuntman is William Spencer, and he's from Tyler.

William Spencer learned all his fighting skills from karate instructor Alvin Harold. Spencer lives in L.A. now, but his teacher is still a Tylerite.

Alvin Harold has been doing karate since the sixties. His Wado-Kai Karate is impressive, but he's more impressed with how his teachings have impressed themselves upon those who have taken his classes. He won't admit it, but he's changed a lot of lives in his years of instruction. One of his youngest black belts changed from a kid to a super-hero, in part because of Alvin's teaching.

"You know, I never dreamed that, but I did dream. I told some students that William will make something out of himself. He was ambitious. He was the first one to class and the last one to leave," Alvin said.

William Spencer moved to Denver around his sixteenth birthday, and, being sixteen, he was anxious to get moving around on four wheels, but he liked the set of wheels he powered himself.

"He wasn't skateboarding when he was here. When I had William he was very young. I think William was nine years old. William really developed on his own from skateboarding. He would skateboard and do all these stunts, and it just went on from there. He admitted himself that martial arts really helped him to get to where he is today," Alvin stated.

Alvin also says when he saw the movie trailer he could tell Spidey's secret identity even through the costume.

"I knew it was him. I could tell it was him," Alvin said smiling.

"So when he comes back, do you think we'll see him swinging around downtown?" I asked Alvin.

"I don't know;I have told him when he comes back we're going to see if he can do a few things for us," he laughed.

Well, considering his new identity, I'm sure he won't be able to help it.

William Spencer told his karate instructor he plans on visiting Tyler when things slow down a little. The Amazing Spider-man will be released on July 3.

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