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Better East Texas: Get out and vote

By Pat Stacey

Don't we all get sick of people making decisions for us? I mean, we spent nearly the first two decades of our lives, fighting for the right to make our own decision. Well, it could all happen again but this time the decisions could be much farther reaching. The state of Texas is in election run-off mode for the U-S Senate seat about to be vacated by retiring Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz are battling it out on the Republican ticket and Democrats Paul Sadler and Grady Yarbrough are in a run-off for the Democrats and if voter turnout follows the current trend, we have a good chance of perhaps having someone else make the decision for you in the run-off. If you didn't vote in the primary that wrapped up recently, you can still vote in the run-off and you need to vote. I am yet to meet an adult that is satisfied with their tax bill or their hunting license fees or the cost of gas, and, yet all of those items and countless others, are affected by who is holding office, and a minority of voters will probably vote in the Texas run-off – thus

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