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Tyler offers parents & teens class to 'cook for life'

One of the nice things about summer is that it allows children the time to try new experiences and learn new things.

And tonight, one East Texas city is opening its kitchen, so to speak, to allow families a night to learn together.

The city of Tyler's latest cooking class, a parent and teen "Cooking for Life" class, offers parents and their children ages 11 and up the chance to make a meal from scratch and pick up some new skills in the kitchen.

But there's another takeaway from the night, one that's focused on more than just the meal on their plates.

"The nice thing is that parents and their children can do something together. The parent could be the lead chef and the child could be a sous chef in helping and it's a great family time," said Debbie Isham, the Special Events & Recreation Manager for the City of Tyler.

"The class tonight is just going to be basic home cooking, pot pie and some salad," said Chef Blaise Forsythe, who is teaching the class. "Hopefully the children or the kids that are there will get a good experience."

Chef Blaise says he enjoys the culinary side of teaching, helping people understand -- and enjoy -- how to make good food.

"I'm hoping that the kids are going to have a great time learning how to use different utensils, like the knives and rolling pins, and see the outcome of actually putting their hands in dough, dry dough, adding all the wet ingredients and getting sticky and dirty and then watching it come together really, at the end, when they put it in the oven and take it out and it's a finished product," he said.

And Chef Blaise and Isham both point out important lessons that kids will learn from their night in Chef Blaise's kitchen.

"If a child gets home early from school, they're hungry. Instead of just trying to eat some junk food, they could actually prepare a real meal," Isham said.

"It does build confidence, I guess," said Chef Blaise. "Once you learn how to say, scramble an egg, depending on how young you start, that leads to other things. You know, yes, I can really accomplish this, let me try something a little more and then go on from there."

One of the unique things about Chef Blaise is that he doesn't like to buy a lot of pre-made food -- he says he tries to make as much as he can, including his own stock, so that he knows exactly what's in each item.

Tonight's menu includes chicken pot pie -- Chef Blaise says it "not your Grandma's" -- and an appetizer of tater skin bites.

If you'd like to attend, there are still a few spots available, but you need to call Debbie Isham with the city of Tyler by 3 p.m. today to register. You can reach her at 903-531-1214. The class costs $15 per person.

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