Future Looking Brighter For Kelly-Tyler Workers

A boom in luxury SUV's is responsible for fifty additional Kelly-Springfield Tire workers heading back on to their jobs.

200 workers were laid off last year after the Tyler plant faced closure. Now more than half of them have been recalled. It's all as parent company Goodyear increases production on their Assurance tire line for luxury SUV's.

The union and the city are hoping making the transition to new tire lines will keep the plant busy, though more new equipment and modifications are needed.

United Steelworkers Local 746L President Jim Wansley: "We agreed to [implement a plan] througout the Goodyear system -- develop a partnership with a company in trouble -- and get the company back to where it needs to be."

Tom Mullins, Tyler Economic Development Council: "When the next round of closures come up in 2006, we want this plant to be off the list and not be considered for closure like it was last summer."

The 3-year contract that expires in 2006 requires workers and management to produce tires more efficiently.