Council Member Says Bond Money Will Be Put To Use Immediately

A week ago they said it couldn't win, but 49 votes proved them wrong.

Saturday Longview voters narrowly approved a $12.75 million bond package for new and improved sports parks.

Dr. Andy Mack, who rallied for the bond, says he hopes the council will decide to finish Lear Park first. There are two baseball fields already built there and soccer fields are also under construction. Parking lots will be built along with concession stands and more baseball fields.

Mack says he believes everyone in Longview will benefit.

"I just see this as an absolute boom for Longview. I see our tourism revenues doubling over the next few years. We already have a $2 million tourist revenue income as it is. I can see this doubling that revenue over the next few years," says Mack.

Once Lear park is complete Dr. Mack says the council is likely to approve a new park with baseball fields. It will be built in Spring Hill.

Also included in the bond are improvements at McWhorter, Hinsley, and Timpson parks.

Amy Tatum, reporting