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Adoption Day gives ETX children a place to call home


"Aliana, by the power of the state of Texas that is invested in me, I hereby declare that these are your sisters. Is that okay with you?" asked the judge at Smith County's Adoption Day ceremony. 

"Yes," replied four-year-old Aliana Storms. 

Aliana received an amazing gift today: five new sisters. 

When her family was called to the front of the room, she read a "thank you" letter she had written for the judge. 

"Thank you for letting me have new sisters; I am happy that I got new sisters. Thank you," she read as her mother held her. 

It is a day of celebration, but also a reminder of the difficult journey that took them here.

Jasmine Storms described what she and her four sisters have been through. 

"My parents were both really abusive and alcoholics, and drug addicts. My aunt and uncle who adopted us, they were always the ones we wanted to go to. They've always been our parents; that sense that we always wanted to be just like them. Now, they actually are our parents," Jasmine said with a smile. 

The love has always been there, but this piece of paper acknowledges what the state couldn't until today.

"My aunt and uncle fought really hard to keep us together the whole entire time and they succeeded; it's amazing. The best part is definitely just knowing the people I've always looked up to as my parents finally are my parents, and no one can change that now," Jasmine explained. 

Adoption day marked the beginning of a life these girls have always deserved. 

"It's been a long journey and it's kind of amazing to just go from a life that was so hard to something that just seems like a dream every single day. Just waking up and realizing that you're safe, you have a family that loves you, and cares for you; and you haven't had to lose anything for it, but you've gained so much," Jasmine said. 

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