Toys for Tots Gets new Building

They've brought happiness to thousands of children during the holidays by providing toys, and now the marines "toys for tots" program is looking to build a new home. Members of the Longview chapter of the marine corps league are excited about a new piece of land they've purchased on alpine road in Longview.

It will be the future, and first ever, headquarters of their operations, and for the annual toys for tots program. "We need this building to have a distribution point for our marine toys for toys and other programs that the marine corps has" says marine corps league organizer Ken Jones.

For the last 7 years present and former marines have collected thousands of toys for children during the holidays, and collected thousands in donations, but now they are looking for donations to help them build a 100-thousand dollar facility.

"Well its very important right now we have to beg around we've gone to different places to hold our meetings" says marine world war two veteran Gordon Hargett. In the past the marines had to borrow space and resources form other organizations, and say it is time they were self sufficient.

"This is a community effort , our own place would be a central location for toys for tots" Jones says. With true marine resolve, its not can we do it... It's we will do it. Bob Hallmark reporting.