"Pets in the Park" Strut Their Stuff

Bill McFarlin is the owner and trainer of "Star," a dog that performs with the Tyler Obedience Training Club.

"Leave it," he tells Star. "Ok, well, I've done this trick so much, she gripes at me about it. So... Stop griping at me. Back up, back up, back up. Touch it. Just touch it. Ok."

And not until she gets the "ok," does Star go for the treat.

It was a day for pets to show off their best. Whether it was performing the best tricks, like Star, who won "Best Pet Trick," or simply looking pretty.

But if you ask Chinese Pug, "Percy," looking pretty is no easy task. She has hairbows to match every outfit and a full name to match her prissiness: Priscilla Elizabeth Topaz. She even has a charm with her initial.

"She loves looking in the mirror, so she's very conceited," Amber Pierce, Percy's owner, said. "She knows she's beautiful. When you talk to her and tell her, she knows."

And some dogs went so far as to dress up like their owner. Or is it the other way around?

"We just went to the store," Judy Cornett, owner of "Emma Boom Boom" and "Julie Pooh," said. "We found these little things and started putting it together, nothing in particular. I thought, well, Hawaii's kind of a nice place to go. I've never been there. And so I thought, well, maybe my dogs could go."

But it wasn't just dogs that went out to the park today. There was a bird and even two miniature horses.

"Hotrod" and her owner, 8-year-old Lacy Bond, won a trophy for the "Best Pet-Owner Look-Alike."

"We both have something that hangs down over our faces, bangs," Bond said.

But not every pet entered a contest. Most were just out to meet other pets in the diverse crowd. There were big dogs and little dogs, long legs and short legs, a ballerina dog and a tie-dye dog.

The Humane Society of Smith County also brought out dogs available for adoption. The Humane Society says it raised more than $5,000 at today's event.

Julie Tam, reporting.