2 of 3 East Texans Improperly Install Car Seats

Dozens of East Texans today learned what they can do to save their child's life, in case of a car accident.

In the U.S., statistics show four out of five car seats are installed incorrectly.

So, State Farm Insurance Company held its 4th annual Child Safety Day in Tyler. With the help of the Tyler Police Department, parents learned how to properly install their child safety seats.

Officer Chris Moore says the most common mistake parents make is facing their car seat the wrong way.

"This young man came in with his car seat in the forward-facing position," Moore said. "And he's under a year of age. And although he's over 20 pounds, we still need them rear-facing until they're a year old and over 20 pounds."

State Farm says today, two out of three car seats that came through their garage were improperly installed. The insurance company replaced 15 car seats for free that were recalled, second-hand seats, or previously involved in a car accident.

Julie Tam, reporting.