Old Time Soda Shop Reopens

The soda shops of yesterday are making a comeback, all thanks to four generations of women from Bullard.

"I grew up in this drug store," says Marjorie Roper. Her mother and father opened the pharmacy and soda shop in 1920, but the soda shop shut down in the 40's because of the war. But today, the soda and ice cream is free flowing again, thanks to Marjorie, her daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters.

"We wanted to re open it for the community and for history," says Linda Roper.

For patrons like Marie Turner, coming to the ice cream shop lets her go back to simpler times.

"It brings back memories that are pleasant. I can't re-live them, but I can enjoy them when they come back to me when I am here," says Marie.

And for the younger set, it creates memories they'll cherish for a lifetime.

The shop is always swamped. People gathering for food, fellowship, or the latest scoop. Oh yeah, while you're there you can also see a doctor. Marjorie, is Dr. Marjorie, one of the longest practicing physicians in Smith County.

"We come to the doctor and have some ice cream on the way out," says patron Thomas DiRosa.

And it's the one place in town you can actually call someone a jerk, a soda jerk.

Michelle Mortensen "Do customers actually refer to you as a jerk."

"Yes and that's fine with me," says Angela Roper Coats.

So the next time you're in downtown Bullard, drop by, and enjoy a taste of the past.

O.L Ferrell Ice Cream and Soda Shop, 903-894-3218.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting