TISD Feel Effects of Higher Fuel Costs

As the school day begins and the busses move out, gas prices roll on. Tyler ISD has seen a sharp jump in the price of its fuel.
That jump has Transportation Supervisor Gerald Barns eyeing the budget and considering some changes.
"We will certainly be tweaking our budget to look at the best opportunity to get the maximum fuel economy," he says. "We'll be looking at our bus routing procedures to be sure that we are taking the most efficient routes as we deliver and pick up kids."
The majority of the fleet of 100 busses runs on diesel fuel. TISD has seen an 18 percent increase in its diesel costs. For the few vehicles running on unleaded, there's been a 30 percent increase, and climbing.
Barns says maintaining vehicles and monitoring fuel usage will keep the school district from cutting routes to save money.
"If gasoline is our ultimate concern we may have to cut corners some other ways, but without cutting the opportunity for fuel efficiency and appropriate services."
Last year TISD bought 26 new, more fuel efficient busses. Those new buses have cut fuel usage by almost a hundred gallons a day.
The vehicles are proving to be a big cost saver with the amount of gas burned, but as fuel prices soar higher, the school district hopes those savings aren't burned.
TISD's fuel budget for the school year is $177,000. Right now they've used $154,000 of it. That's about 87 percent of the budget.
The district will get a new fuel budget for the next school year in late August.

Story by Maya Golden, mgolden@kltv.com