School Under Lockdown Fearing Threats

An East Texas high school was under lockdown all day today, leaving some parents confused when their children got out of school this afternoon.

Administrators at Mineola High School say rumors of death threats by a group of students circulated around the school yesterday. And school officials decided to take precautions.

The school called in 10 Mineola police officers to patrol the campus today. School officials searched bags, all doors were locked, and students were escorted through the halls. Students say the mood was definitely more subdued.

"All the teachers were uptight, but none of the kids acted any differently," James Ray, a 9th grade student, said.

"It was kind of gloomy, kind of shut in, and I don't know, kind of suffocating-type feeling," Amber Lowe, a 10th grade student, said. "Everyone watching, all the teachers watching your every move and stuff, so kind of nerve wracking."

Police and school officials say nothing came of the threats, and they believe the rumors were just a hoax. They expect everything to return to normal next week.

Julie Tam, reporting.