"Support Our Troops" Tomorrow

More than a year now after the war in Iraq began, many U.S. soldiers are feeling the effects of loneliness.

One soldier from Tyler, Brandon Hall, says some of his fellow servicemen never receive mail.

So one East Texas Christian business is stepping in to help, but they need your help.

Rainbow Faith at Mill Pond in Tyler is taking donations as part of their "Support Our Troops" day. It's happening tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 1941 Old Troup Hwy. For more information about what you can donate, call Rainbow Faith at 903-595-2549.

Some of the most requested items include snacks, phone cards, personal items (e.g. towels, sunscreen), fun items (e.g. small board games, puzzles), and cards and letters. Rainbow Faith says they will ship the items to several hundred U.S. soldiers in army platoons stationed in Iraq.

Julie Tam, reporting.