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Box Car Derby Smackdown

Ryan and Coleman visited Stewart Middle School to take part in the 3rd Annual Box Car Derby.  Stewart students worked on their cars for two weeks, using cardboard and duct tape.

There were three heats, leading up to the final.  Jesus Regino wanted Ryan to ride in his purple car.  While Ryan fit inside the car, he was a bit too heavy for the wheels.  Jesus had trouble off the start, and used his strength to pick up the back of the car and push Ryan to the finish line.

In the second heat, Coleman pushed Daquaylon Wheeler and his tiny box car.  Daquaylon was small enough to fit into the tiny box.  His car won with ease.

In the third heat, Ryan pushed Sayra Ortiz and her bumblebee box car.  It looked close to the finish, until the back tire gave out.  Ryan smashed into the back of the car and caved it in on Sayra.  Sayra was okay, but the car didn't make to the finish line.

In the final, Coleman and Daquaylon proved to the be the dream team of box car derby, winning with ease.

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