Longview Restaurants With Problems In The Kitchen

Six Longview area restaurants had major violations in the latest inspections, but the most serious was at 5909 west Marshall avenue at the Green Top Fuel Stop restaurant. 11 violations were found in a May 3rd inspection, including hot and cold foods at improper temperatures, employees cited for hygienic violations, and food contact surfaces uncleaned, they were given a score of "D", and voluntarily closed for several days to make corrections.

"Our objective there is when we have multiple violations like that, is to be sure the public is protected and by that we ask them to close voluntarily or we will close them," said health inspector Buck Farrar.

Dairy Queen at 4101 Gilmer road had eight violations when inspected on April 19th. Ready to eat foods were improperly handled and food contact surfaces were uncleaned. They scored a C.

Seven violations were found at Golden Chick at 3507 McCann road. Inspected April 8th, cold foods were at unsafe temperatures and food prep areas were uncleaned. They scored a B. Inspected April 19th, Hunan at 420 north High street had seven violations. Hot and cold foods were at unsafe temperatures, and improper food protection was cited. They scored a B.

Popeye's fried chicken at 217 east Marshall had seven violations when inspected April 14th. Hot foods were at unsafe temperatures and there was improper disposal of sewage and wastewater. They scored a B. And inspected April 26th, Churches fried chicken at 2000 Toler road had six violations. Roach contamination was found and cold foods were at unsafe temperatures. They scored a B. All reports are provided by the Longview environmental health department.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.