County Courthouse Gets A Little Help From Its Kids

An historic East Texas courthouse is getting much needed renovation, and some funding is coming from school kids. Crumbling for many years, the 102 year old Harrison County courthouse has had numerous groups come forward recently to save it, one of those groups is school children.

"I think its a great feeling because most people don't think kids can be part of history but we really can" said Junior High student Michelle Horsley. Hundreds of students from 32 Harrison County schools collected money over the school year to put their mark on the old building, and today the last of 12 eagles, valued at 5-thousand dollars each and bought by school fund raisers, was put in place.

"It may seem kind of insignificant right now but later when you look back at it this will mark a pretty important time in Marshall" says 13 year old student Navya Nandamudi.

"This is the center piece for our community , its symbolic in a lot of ways its certainly historic" said Harrison County Judge Wayne Mcwhorter.

A total restoration cost is estimated at 6-to-7 million dollars, and after completion, the building will house city offices , a museum and the county judges office. Bob Hallmark reporting.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.