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Remembering our Veterans

Active military, veterans and civilians paid tribute to our servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.

There was a ceremony in Tyler on Monday morning for those who have gone on before, but also for our men and women that are still fighting.

"I never get tired of seeing those of you, World War II Veterans, Korean War Veterans and fellow Vietnam Veterans and just to say to you from the bottom of my heart, for my family, thank you," said a Marine veteran from the podium.

Together veterans and community members honored the men and women who gave everything for our freedom.

"You know they gave up their family life, their children and a lot of them didn't even come home. Babies were born, fathers weren't here and I just like to come and pay respect to all of the people who went over there and did it for us," said L Hardin, military supporter.

"So much of the time people tend to forget the sacrifices that have been rendered by all of our citizens," said A.W. Cox, Marine veteran.

So for Cox, it was especially important to be here and remember the fallen, and to continue to support those who are still fighting for our freedom.

"In my mind you define heroism you define all that's good about America, still the greatest nation in the world," said a Marine veteran.

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