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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Controversy after local Game Warden tries to take turkey

The turkey named "G" The turkey named "G"

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The complaints to Lubbock Game Wardens started back in November, but efforts to catch a certain neighborhood animal just started in the past few days. It is that effort that is creating a lot of controversy in one Northwest Lubbock neighborhood, and you might be surprised at what kind of animal is sparking it.

"This one became pretty aggressive; he would just kind of charge at people walking by" Adriel Elizondo, a resident in the neighborhood, says. "These are really lovable one of them is a bit cranky" Sam Segran, another neighbor, says. "This last week, I've gotten several calls from an individual who has been chased repeatedly and feels very threatened to go outside her house; she doesn't feel safe in her neighborhood with it anymore" says Shannon Kruse, the Game Warden who responded to the complaints, says.

For three years the turkey named "G" has called this Lubbock neighborhood home. Now the Game Warden is taking steps to address the recent complaints, and some neighbors are stepping up to try and keep him. G has been roosting on Kelly Selfridge's property where she feeds and waters him. She worries if the turkey is relocated, those resources will be harder for him to find. "He means a lot to me, not because he's mine, he's his, but his presence here brings us a lot of joy" Selfridge says. "Sometimes he'll tend to follow your car along the way like a dog. I think he jazzes up the neighborhood" Segran says.

"There are really no laws regarding wild turkeys in the city, they are allowed to go where ever they can. The problem we're running into is they are being a danger to people" Game Warden Kruse says. "I think they've been getting into my wife's plants and other people's plants and I think that's what upsets people, if they do destruction. Anyways it's kind of interesting having wild turkeys around your neighborhood" Elizondo says. "The threat to human safety takes precedent over the fact that the turkeys really cool in the neighborhood" Game Warden Kruse says. Reports of being chased by the turkey, scratched cars, and dug up flower beds prompted Kruse to try net the turkey to transport it to a different location.

"We're trying to get them back into their natural habitat, city limits are not their natural place to reside" Kruse says. "What's not natural about this habitat? Step back and try to live with them instead of fighting them, I mean they're running out of room and we're in a drought and that's why they're coming to town" Selfridge says. Selfridge asked the Game Warden not to trespass on her private property. The Game Warden says she plans to wait until G is off private property to trap and relocate him. Also, two fun facts, did you know turkeys can fly 55 miles per hour and run up to 18 miles per hour?

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