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Longview police create awareness of human trafficking

Longview authorities are trying to raise awareness of the crime of human trafficking. A video put out by Longview Police and city officials is a mission to educate the public about human trafficking.

"Basically human trafficking is when you take a human and you sell that human for services , whether its prostitution whether it's labor, it happens everywhere. Recruiters will go out to malls and places where kids hang out," says Longview Police Officer Kristie Brian.

"I think many times we see it as something that's over the sea far away not here, come it comes through all of our communities. Entry age is about 12 to 14 years old," says Brenda Buck of Longview Partners in Preventions.

Every year, thousands of kids, mostly teens, fall into the hands of traffickers, forced into prostitution and drug addiction. There was a recent case in Dallas.

"These traffickers actually infiltrated a school got these girls to come to a slumber party and then ended up kidnapping the girls and putting them into human trafficking. Its just modern day slavery and it becomes enslavement and unfortunately the victims have a hard time if they even get out," Officer Brian says.

"If they are a runaway their chances are 70 percent once they hit the street that they actually can become a part of this," Buck says.

Some are used as carriers for drugs and guns.

"There's a big network, which they also in turn use the male and female to traffic the guns," Buck says.

 The United Nations reports that nearly two and a half million people worldwide are victims of human trafficking, with the majority being exploited as sex slaves.

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