Texans In Tyler

They are a hit with the fans on the field, now, the Houston Texans are making the rounds off the field. The Houston Texans Outreach Tour marched into East Texas Medical Center in Tyler this afternoon. Leading the way was wide receiver Derick Armstrong.  He's a former Tyler Junior College star, who racked up his fair share of touchdowns while playing for the Apaches in 1998 and 1999.

"It's just great," said Armstrong.  "It's just a blessing to come back where it all started, my college career. It's just fortunate that I was able to come to Tyler. I'm enjoying myself."

And those he and running back Tony Hollings came to visit sure enjoyed themselves as well, like 7-year-old Dakota Batchelor, whose time with the Texans helped take his mind of his severe case of asthma.

"I thought I heard him earlier," said Armstrong.   "They're here!"

"He's been telling us all day they were coming," said Dakota's uncle, Mike Batchelor. "When I first got here this morning he was like, Uncle Mike, you're going to have to stay now, they're coming, the football players, they're coming, and they're bringing cheerleaders."

So what was Dakota's favorite part of the visit?

"(Toro) the mascot," answered Dakota.  "But I know he can't talk. It was cool."

"It means a lot to him," added Batchelor.  "I mean it brings their spirits up. Maybe it will help him through some of the hard times you know."

"Just to come out and put a smile on a kids face. I'm all for it," said Hollings.

Kevin Berns reporting.