Former 9-1-1 Director Speaks Out

The former director of the Smith County 9-1-1 Communication District is striking back. In a unanimous vote Monday, former director Eddie Goldsmith was fired because of what board members say was inadequate leadership.

Goldsmith has refused to comment on camera, but has released a statement. Part of that statement makes reference to what Goldsmith believes are ulterior motives by some involved with the center. In a statement Goldsmith said:

"I leave the 9-1-1 district knowing that I have given all that I could considering the political nature the consolidation effort took. Now that I am not a part of this effort I would only ask that all involved put their personal interest and agenda to rest and move forward to giving our citizens and first responders what they need."

Problems at the center have ranged from mishandled calls, to late pages, and most recently a nearly $300,000 budget deficit.

The City of Tyler sites those problems as the reason they have not joined the center. Board members say they hope a new director can help bring everyone aboard.

Chris Gibson, reporting