East Texas Soldier Talks About Alleged Iraqi Abuse By Soldiers

David Godwin of Pittsburg, Texas has been home recovering from a leg injury he received when he was hit by shrapnel. Now his recovery is complete and David is about to return to Iraq.

David has spent the last two weeks back home in east Texas enjoying his family and healing from the shrapnel that injured his leg.

"It's 100% healed up. I'll be going back full strength so I'll be happy about that," says David. He's not only happy to be fully recovered, David is happy to return to Iraq to fight along side the soldiers he trained with.

"It's an extended family over there. I trained with these guys all the time so if I don't go back I think I'd betray myself a little bit," says David.

"I didn't watch the news. I won't watch it again when he leaves," says David's mom Shelly.

She can't bare to hear daily reports of injured and killed soldiers so she keeps herself busy."I work nights so I probably miss a whole lot of it anyway. Daytime I work in the yard."

While David recovered from his injuries, the news broke about the soldiers now accused of abusing Iraqi prisoners. He says he hopes for a full investigation of the charges and says an apology isn't enough. "It's still not right even though we apologized for it. It's the fact that we did it and we shouldn't have. We're suppose to be setting the examples but with stuff like that it's not really setting a good example," says David.

David says the majority of soldiers are doing a good job and most Iraqi's, he says, are glad Americans are there. But he does admits the recent accusations make soldiers more fearful of future acts of retaliation against them.

Amy Tatum reporting. atatum@kltv.com