Project HEAT's fresh summer sauces

Project HEAT's fresh summer sauces
Recipes by Chef Christian Chavanne Of Project H.E.A.T
Basic Mediterranean Salsa

Serves 4

3 tomatoes, diced

1/2c. onion, diced

1/4c. fresh basil or parsley

1 garlic clove, minced

2T. extra virgin olive oil

1T. fresh squeezed lemon juice

1T. capers

2T. black olive (kalamata), chopped

Salt to taste

Red pepper flakes to taste (optional)

Mix all ingredients well in a bowl.

Yogurt Dijon Sauce

Serves 4

1c. low fat plain Greek Yogurt

1T. Dijon mustard

1t. dried dill

1t. dill relish

Mix all ingredients and let stand for one hour for flavors to blend.

Pineapple Mustard Sauce

Serves 4

1c. pineapple, peeled and cored

1T. Creole Mustard

Puree in blender until smooth.

Mango Sauce

Serves 4

1c. mango, peeled and seeded

2 small limes, juiced

1/4c. fresh basil leaf

Put all ingredients in blender. Process until smooth.

Project H.E.A.T.(Healthy Eating Action Team) Inc. founded by Christian and Fredna Chavanne