Longview Man Honored For Saving Boy's Life

Fred Christie learned CPR through his job at TXU. But he never really expected he'd have to use that skill to save someone's life.

Then last April someone driving a pick-up truck hit a little boy on his street. Fred did CPR on the boy and saved his life.

This story begins with a tragic day one year ago. Emergency personnel were seen that day, but the man who saved Brandon Panemeno's life went unnoticed, until Monday. He received the company's President award.

Fred Christy is described as a hero. That's because before emergency workers could arrive on the scene he was there. He had been in his back yard when he heard the pick-up truck crash into Brandon.

"You could tell by the sound of it that there had been probably a young kid involved because you could hear women and people screaming. Immediately I saw that he wasn't breathing and he didn't have a pulse so I started giving him CPR and managed to stabilize him until the ambulance got there," says Fred.

Brandon's mom, Julie, says doctors confirmed that Brandon wouldn't have made if not for Fred.

"They had said that if he was without oxygen for like another minute he would be all brain dead," says Julie.

Fred's plaque was given to him by his employer at TXU. The real reward, he says, is seeing how far Brandon has come. Once in a coma, he is now walking again. Though Fred doesn't like being called a hero, Brandon's mother says that's exactly what he is.

"Through all the struggles that we've had this past year it's like we wouldn't even been going through the struggles without him," says Julie.

Those are struggles the family is thankful to have and they're thankful for the man who saved their son.

Besides learning how to walk again, 7 year old Brandon also had his trach and feeding tube removed.

Amy Tatum reporting. atatum@kltv.com