Mother's Day Has Special Meaning For Most

It's a day steeped in tradition.. Whether spent lounging around the house, or out burning off those Mother's Day lunch calories, Mother's Day is a special day for most families.

Donna and Stacy Chisam had a traditional morning, spent hanging out with the family, but the afternoon was all theirs.

"It's really special, it really is," said Donna. "It's just a blessing from God to have kids and be a mother."

"I'm not big on gifts, the perfect thing for me is to just get to spend time with them."

A little bit of shopping at Target in Tyler was the perfect solution. Amber Umphris and her mother Kathy McCoy decided on the same thing. Amber is expecting her second child soon, she knows the value of a good mom.

"She does a lot for me... she does pretty much everything for me," Amber said. "She takes me all over and does everything. I just love her."

The day is not just about mom's and daughters though. Craig Harrison and his two boys opted for a different kind of mother's day gift. It is one that will surely be welcomed.

"We went to church, then went out to lunch with some folks then went home and started fixing the house for mom," Harrison said. "She's been gone for about 9 weeks so we're waiting for her to come back this next week so we were pulling weeds and did the laundry and changed the kitty litter and cleaned out the garage."

There are thousands of different gifts that you can give to your mom, but many times it's the little things that mean the most.

Chris Gibson, reporting