C.E.R.T. Team formed in White Oak

A federal grant helps an East Texas town bring back an emergency response team, that is reminiscent of the world war two era. Through a grant from homeland security, the city of White Oak has formed East Texas first "Cert-team", or civilian emergency response team.

18 members, men and women, Young and old, finished their 7-week training period today, going through numerous drills on fire fighting, search and rescue missions , and first aid. Local authorities say a cert-team could be very instrumental in helping with area disasters , such as fire scenes and storms, and it could be the difference in saving lives.

"We kind of got complacent ... With all the terrorism in the world, that has brought to mind that we need to have people helping people , neighbors helping neighbors," says White Oak fire chief Jim Nall.

"We're all for it , the more people that get involved the better, if emergency people can't get there its best for people to be trained to know a little bit what to do anyway," says cert volunteer Lori Ferguson. Another "cert" class will be held in White Oak in September, anyone interested is asked to call the White Oak fire department.

Bob Hallmark reporting.