Family Of Victims Searches For Answers

Amy Metcalf of Whitehouse still thinks about the car crash that killed her mother and severely injured her sister last July. It happened on Hwy 31, just East of Brownsboro.

Authorities say a white Buick LaSabre crossed over three lanes of traffic and a center turn lane, and struck the grey Ford Taurus Metcalf's mother, stepfather, sister and sister's friend were riding in. Two others received major injuries in the crash.

Reports would later state the driver of the other car, Brittany Leah Johnson, 18 at the time, was high on amphetamines. It has been nearly 10 months since the crash, and Johnson has never been arrested. Metcalf wants to know why.

"We feel like it has been a slow process, we feel like the waiting and the waiting and the waiting has just made it worse for us," she said. "We were told several different stories as to why it was taking so long and why we were unable to get the answer."

In what some emergency workers called the worst accident they had ever seen, family friend, Karrah Brown, received broken bones and massive head injuries. Metcalf's sister, Stephanie Collings, had her arms and legs broken and her pelvis was shattered. Her mother died in the accident.

It wasn't until October 2003 that a accident report was filed stating Johnson had drugs in her system. It wasn't until this week, Johnson was indicted on a count of intoxication manslaughter and three counts of intoxication assault.

The Henderson County District Attorney's office has refused comment because the case is still pending, but said they plan to prosecute the case to the fullest and seek justice for the victims. Metcalf said she just wants the person accused of the crime to realize the pain she has caused.

"I don't want her to spend the rest of her life in prison, you know she's young, but I want her to understand what she has done... the life that she took and what she's done to those who are still here."

Metcalf said she is pleased with the indictment and hopes the DA's office follows through.

Johnson's bond is set at $2,500 for each count. However Friday, no warrant for her arrest was on file in Henderson County.

Both Stephanie and Karrah have recovered from the accident. The two are set to graduate from high school this month.

Chris Gibson, reporting