Hallsville Invitational Special Olympics Event

Some special East Texas kids got their time in the sun today as part of special Olympics. More than 350 athletes from 16 East Texas schools converged on Bobcat Stadium in Hallsville, to compete in the 15th Annual Field Invitational for special Olympians.

"These kids have a wonderful time, their classmates find time to come cheer for them it's a little competition, but the main thing is they enjoy cheering for one another and have a good time in the field events" says organizer Patsy Wood. The athletes competed in events like the 50 meter dash, the softball throw and wheelchair races.  Everyone came away a winner.

"I like everything they do, I think that they enjoy it, it gives them a chance to do things that they can't do everyday," said Crecia Booker, the mother of a special Olympian.

For many of the athletes, it's the chance to do something we all wish for...To be a champion, to be a winner, even if it's just for one day. It was the 15th annual invitational, held for the first time in Hallsville.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.