Race For The Cure: Letetia's Battle With Breast Cancer

Letetia Beggs doesn't take life for granted. Five years ago while she was pregnant with her third son Brian she could have lost her life to breast cancer.

"As scarry as it was to know I had cancer, what if I had not found out soon enough," she says.

She started chemo immediately.

"I just prayed that morning at chemo please don't let this hurt Brian,"Letetia says.

Three months later Brian was born.

"He was perfectly fine, nothing was wrong with him."

But Letetia was still sick. She went through 6 more rounds of chemo and 34 rounds of radiation.

"They told me doing all this chemo was preventative. But it didn't work. Four and a half years later the cancer came back.

"It was right beside the lump I had the first time, it was smaller and deeper," she says. It was also more aggressive.

"I told them do whatever you need to do to fix this because I have three little boys and a husband and I don't want to die."

Her doctors told her she needed a mastectomy.

"I was very happy I removed both breast. Now I can live with that decision and I have not regretted it one minute."

Today Letetia is healthy and spending quality time with her boys. She's also dedicating her time to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, because she is determined to put an end to breast cancer for good.