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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Man at odds with neighbors over feeding buzzards

HINDS COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - 3 On Your Side gets all kinds of complaints to investigate. But today's is a first; a man feeding buzzards in rural Hinds County to attract them and bother his neighbors. 

Dan Lorett, 53, lives here at 1962 Ross Road outside of Utica in rural Hinds County.  He admits that he purposely feeds buzzards and realizes it bothers neighbors. 

"Because the dogs are running loose, they will knock down the garbage cans and start getting into the feed, so I started getting the feed and putting over there and the buzzards started eating it. It's not illegal," said Lorett. 

Lorett also has a second set of numbers on his mailbox, 666, the traditional symbol of the devil.  

I asked him if he was a devil worshiper. He said, "No, I am not." 

He also has a 16-foot fence separating him from his neighbor, 73-year-old Alluta Bailey, better known as Luta, in the Spanish Moss Lake Community.  

"We know that it has to be some sort of a health hazard.  And we -- would you want buzzards all in your yard. No you wouldn't," said Bailey. 

Lorett says the feud between neighbors started when he turned Bailey in for not having a properly operating sewage system, which is what he says originally attracted the buzzards. 

While we were there, Lorett put up a for sale by owner sign and said he was leaving as soon as he could sell his  property.  

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