Breast Cancer Survivors

Twice a year, Cindy Ardill spends a few days at the Pine Cove campgrounds. She comes for ETMC's Great Getaway cancer camp. She's been coming since 1999 after she learned she had breast cancer.

"I had four rounds of chemo and lost my hair, got really sick, and had 35 rounds of radiation. And I have to be on cancer medication for five years," she says.

Cindy only has six more months to go on the cancer medication, and she says she feels better than ever. Doing Tia Chi today is a breeze, but she remembers how weak the cancer made her body years ago.

"Anytime I see somebody with a hat or looks like they are in chemo, my heart just sinks. If I have a chance to go sit by them or talk to them, I make sure I take that opportunity cause I remember what it is like on the other side," she adds.

She tries to give hope and inspiration to every survivor she meets by sharing her story. She attributes her success to her faith and to the research being done on breast cancer funded through the Komen foundation.

"Things have already changed even in the four years I have had the cancer. There has been improvements on procedures. Hopefully with the money they raise it will get easier and easier."

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.